On this day in 2011….Rain Day in Vang Vieng #Otdi2011


It was raining when we got up and it rained for pretty much the rest of the day and so a second consecutive day of Tubing was off the cards. Bumped into the Weymouth lads again, who were occupying the cabin a few doors down. Today would be a chilled one, and would consist mainly of eating and watching Friends and Family Guy on sofas and pillows in one of the many hangouts. What must the local people, with all their hardship, think when they see us Westerners sitting around all day getting stoned and laughing at a talking dog or sympathizing with a group of people in a coffee shop? What must they think of the Western comedy scene, when we’re still stuck watching quintessential 90’s comedy.

Though I actually don’t mind Friends, but would never let Ben know that. Though I do concede at “Well, it’s better than all them fucking other ones….Chandler’s pretty funny – only because he’s the only member of the gang who wouldn’t actually approve of a show like Friends in real life”. Ben meets me half way on this, but really he just takes my word for it.

Later that night went for a few whiskey buckets and games of pool hall. We didn’t stay long so didn’t crack on with any more Shakes, as we had the West Ham Vs Birmingham Carling Cup Semi-Final to look forward to. We had nowhere secured to watch it but luckily after much hunting, we found a Guesthouse down one of the side streets that were prepared to let us watch it in their reception area. The Hammers won 2-1 and it looked like I could start looking forward to watching the Final in LA in 6 weeks time. We walked back to our cabin with an extra spring in our step.


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