On this day in 2011…

In 2011 I took 4 months off to circumnavigate the globe. From London I headed to Bangkok to spend half my allocated time doing the Banana Pancake trail, from which I flew to explore Central America via a short stay in Los Angeles.

Throughout this period, I kept a series of notes in a blue notebook, which I wrote up in full once I landed back in the UK.

On the back of this habit, I continued to write-up the rest of 2011.

Via here, a daily account from 2011 will be uploaded.





2 thoughts on “On this day in 2011…

  1. I live in Roe Green Village and am in the process of compiling a book and film on Roe Green Village residents covering 1920s to1950s. Your notes are really interesting and nicely done. Any chance you would have a contact that has photos or lived in the village around that sort of time who could get in touch with me?


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