On this day in 2011…Heading to Vientiane: Early warnings of what was to come #Otdi2011


Johnny 23

Johnny 23

After breakfast, we were ready with our bags and looking forward to boarding the bus to the capital city of Vientiane in the South. Here we would sit on a bus through the night to the border, to carry on the rest our journey through Vietnam up to Hanoi.

Once in Vientiane we swapped over to our sleeper coach, which was kind of like a normal coach but with the seats fully reclined to an almost perfect horizontal position. Ben got a bed at the back, nicely nestled between two nice clean honeymooners. I on the other was perhaps not so lucky, with my sleeping partner a dead ringer for the rapist from Con Air.

We set off into the night, and I eagerly counted down the hours until I could safely be in the company of others, far away from this bloke’s twitching feet and foul breath.


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