New music rekindles the motivations for visiting Camden in my formative years

A Wednesday or two ago I found myself at Proud Gallery, which serves as the sole functional reason to visit Camden for a night out nowadays  – where else can you get pissed in old stable in Zone 2?

Given I’ve not been back much since a few half-hearted 21st birthday parties, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To compound my dreaded mystic it’s Student Night. I mean honestly, who on earth chooses to spend their most cash-broke years in one of the world’s most expensive cities?

The place hasn’t changed much, but one element of refreshment came in the form of a band I walked in on, Miracle Blow. I was only passing from one heated room to another, a common exercise routine when you’ve lost your mates and out of cigarettes, when I stopped and stayed for the rest of their set.

They were a redeeming feature of a night characterized by drink promos and over-familiar doormen!

Not much of a music writer myself, I’d be ill-equipped to accurately describe their onstage presence, tunes or anything else music related to be honest. But yeah, recommend them! 


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