1. INTRODUCTION: Why I’m skeptical about the ubiquitous jokes about Daily Mail readers, and why we should probably find other targets

Introducing; a bowl of cornflakesfrontEasy targets, safe starters, fall back options, ever-reliables! Everybody has them; subjects we can always rely on as a constant source of laughter from our peers. Noel Gallagher had Phil Collins, Hunter S Thompson had Nixon and my mates Landlord has anybody who studied an ‘ology other than from the University of Life.

Alternative comedians have the Daily Mail and it’s readership, a scene that’s subsequently now as alternative as a bowl of cornflakes.

When will everybody be sick of the uncreative bandwagon that is DM-bashing? It’s the pedophile priest of the atheist comedy set, the “your Mum” of the playground dig, the “run forest, run” of the jogger taunt, the “we need to stop meeting like this” of the small talk retaliation, the ‘kill all hippies’ of the novelty T-shirt range, the funky dance/weed smoking scene of a Jonah Hill film. Like the vast bulk of a Stewart Lee comedic set, being brought onstage as an intellectual replacement for the pie in the face gag.

But it’s not just the uncreative element that irks me so, but the moral high horsing, the snobbery and simple hypocrisy that goes with the majority of DM-bashing. And so through this piece, I will look to outline a case for why it’s time for us to make way for the next easy target, and like taxi drivers before them, Daily Mail readers have had their day in the comedic spotlight (although of course unlikely to be heeded by Stewart Lee who still has a special place for the exhausted racist Taxi Driver gag).

From the left-wing bourgeoisie to the former Big Brother contestant I recently met on a night bus, I’ve yet to meet anybody who disagrees with me on the points I want to outline. So instead of parodying my thoughts via a submission to thedailymash.com (i.e. “Mail Online Overtakes The New York Times With New Readership Of Comedians Searching For Material” as one working title), I set about on a mission to establish why the jokes about the Daily Mail and its readership are now the sole property of the Tedious Intellectual Show-Off (TISO).

My case for consideration will be spread over the below chapters.

2.1   The UNORIGINALITY of it all

2.2   The SNOBBERY of it all

2.3   The INTOLERANCE of it all

And, if you’re an America reading this, simply substitute the word Daily Mail with Fox News and you’ve got yourself a relatable piece of journalism. That’s the level of ubiquity we’re at.

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